Friday, April 27, 2012

DoReMii Blog Graphics--We want you!

We are putting out a call to all you amazing people who are excellent at graphics.

DoReMii is in need of a new blog banner(s) and we thought we'd invite our viewers to take a crack at making some for us.

The requirements are:
The image must be 1050(w) x 300(h) pixels (like our current one featuring Du Chun & Xue Jia Ning)
Those featured must be from one of our past or present drama projects. (preferably present)
They can be from a Mainland or a Taiwanese drama. (no japanese dramas please)
"DoReMii Fansubs" must appear in visible text on the header.

We will be taking submissions for the next couple of months and depending on the number of submissions, the first round of voting will take place in two weeks time. We'll most likely change the header every one or two months.

Send your submissions in either a zip or rar file as an email attachment (the graphics file must be either png or jpg format plus the psd file) to with the title "Blog Header Submissions". Like wise if you have a question you can email us.

Also at the moment we are currently seeding the Life Stories Series so grab 'em while they are seeded!


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