Technical Help

What is the difference between softsub and hardsub?Softsubs are actually text files called .srt or .ass. They open with the RAW video and play. Hardsubs are where the subs are encoded onto the video making it one file.  DoReMii no longer releases softsubs though.

What is a RAW?RAW = Uncooked
Basically this means it is the original video without hardsubs. Though, Chinese drama RAWs come with Chinese hardsubs.

Why won't the RAWs play?Chinese RAWs usually come as rmvb or rm file types. To play these files you need to install the Real Alternative codec.

Why wont the softsubs show up?
To watch softsubs you need to install the VobSub filter. Also make sure the softsub file and the video have the EXACT same name. If they don't then change it. It should look something like this:
[DoReMii]Why_Why_Love_04.rmvb (this is the video)
[DoReMii] (this is the softsubs)
[DoReMii]Hotaru_no_Hikari.avi (this is the video)
[DoReMii] (this is the softsubs)

It wont play. / There is only sound.
You need to update your codecs. I suggest installing K-lite mega. It's pretty much all perpose.
For rmvb files and rm files you will need Real Alternative as well. Also, make sure the H264 codec is actually enabled by checking the video configuration of K-Lite. We often use this codec.

Another option is to use a stand alone media player that has built in codecs. All that is needed is to install the player then watch. Here is a list of recommended palyers:
GOM Player -
BS Player -
VLC Player -

What is a 001, 002 file and why wont all the parts play?These are actually fragments of one file you need to download hjsplit and use it to recombine all the files before it will play properly.

Why can't I play the torrent file? What is a torrent? What is a tracker? What is a bt client? Why do I need a client?
A torrent is not a video file so it will not play in a media player. This is a common mistake people make. A torrent is a data file that, with the help of a tracker site, tells a special program where, on other people's computers, they can find pieces of the whole file. It uses this to download the video you want in parts from other people and puts it back together properly. This is called peer-2-peer (p2p) filesharing.

To use a torrent file you need a torrent client. These are things such as utorrent and Azerus. You need one of these programs to manage your downloads and to connect to the tracker so your computer knows where to look for the file parts.

To download a torrent simply load the torrent file into your client and start the download. Because you are relying on other people and their internet speeds as well as your own, to provide you with the data, downloading from torrents can sometimes take a long time, especially for newly made torrents. Please try to be patient when using torrents.

However, if there are no seeds (people with complete files who are uploading) then it is a good idea to visit D-Addicts and politely request someone to help seed if they have a file.

What software do you use to sub/hardsub? / Can you teach me how to sub/hardsub?
Do to it biting me in the ass in the past I will no longer be any sort of tech support for aspiring fansubbers. I'll gladly teach our own staff members if they ask but everyone else I encourage to go out and do research. The internet is an amazing source of information and tutorials.  How do you think we learned it all?  I recommend exploring It has all the info you could need about fansubbing software and how to use it.

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