About Us

DoReMii Fansubs is a subbing group for Chinese language dramas (Taiwanese/Mainland/Hong Kong), but we've been known to do a few Japanese dramas on the side.

DoReMii as it is at our 6th Birthday
Over the past year or so there has been major changes throughout the fansubbing world, and we are no different. Fansubbing is no longer as popular as a past-time/hobby as it used to be. DoReMii was at it's height around 2-3 years ago with as many as 60-70 members being active at various times. These days we are a much smaller group and have around 10 or so active members. As such we will be scaling back our operations to reflect our current situation. Some dramas will be put on hold in favour of finishing some of our other projects. Releases will be more irregular, but rest assured we are still the fansubbing group you all know and love.

At The Beginning
DoReMii Fansubs came to be one day when naive_nostalgia (now retired) suddenly put her foot down and decided that there were dramas that needed to be subbed and she was determined to help them get that way. So, on the spur of the moment, she made a few posts to a few key places, wrastled together some members, watched as the number of members gradually grew, and a few days later, SHABAAM. A fansubbing group. DoReMii was officially established on January 27, 2007.

Now past our 3rd birthday DoReMii is stronger than ever. In fact, thanks to our dedicated staff, fearless and fearful leaders, and supportive fans DoReMii has managed to become probably the largest Chinese fansub group ever, with the most diverse projects.

Our 3rd birthday marked a small change in philosophy for DoReMii Fansubs.  After so many years on the scene we decided to prove that China is bigger than just Taiwan, so we began an increased focus on the big part of China with our Mainland Movement.

What is it about us that we think makes us so special?
~We are crazy obsessed.  You have to be to spend as much time as we do subbing, researching, and hunting down awesome shows.
~We aim to produce the highest quality subs that we can. That starts with the best RAWs, so we spend a lot of time hunting down rare shows and even buy or rent a lot of DVDs so we can have pretty rips.
~We also are gluttons for suffering. Because we absolutely love them, we have been known to take on several projects that are fansubbing suicide. Shows that would usually scare off other teams because of there bizarre terms and use of language, insanely excessive talking, and EPIC lengths. Though these shows do take longer and are harder to work on, we still try our best to make the nonsense make sense.  And they haven't killed us... yet.
~We love old school dramas. Though like every drama lover we look forward to and anticipate each new season of shows. We don't JUST do current mainstream shows. Our taste is diverse so we like looking up old shows and serious dramas even if there are no popular actors in it. And it thrills us to be able to show people something we love that they likely have never heard of before.

A note: We are not to be mistaken with Doremi the anime fansub group. DoReMii has TWO Is.
(Puppet has been known to twitch when she sees just one I in our name. lol)

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