Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hey! Is the Water Boiled Yet? - Life Story

Hey! Is the Water Boiled Yet?
Ah Zhong (played by Xiao Gui) is a young man with dreams and burdens. He works as a... "superhero"! No! No! No! He's actually the delivery boy for Superhero Instant Noodles. Not only does he have to wear a superhero costume to deliver, but the boss even has a rule that he has to do one good deed a day, like a superhero. But in this city, just how many people are still real superheroes...?

Translators: BAAMx2 & marshmellobun, Spot Translators: LeMing & ethidda, Timer: Puppet Princess & trinad, Editor: lil_aqua_chic, QC: malaymeetschinese, Final Check/Typeset/Encoding: Resie

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