Thursday, March 13, 2008

Extreme Ironing - Life Story

Extreme Ironing
The boys in a high school rock climbing club make themselves out to be the most manly in the whole school, but in fact they're being forced to do so as the club is about to be separated. One day, an extremely pretty girl came to their school. Her uniform was super tidy, but what's worse was that she formed an alliance with the Superintendent's son soon after. Only till the Rock Club's boys came across the "Extreme Ironing" website, which combined most extreme sports and the ironing of sports clothing together did they manage to attract the prettiest and tidiest girl in the school, using their secret method: Ironing!

Translators: marshmellobun & Sigma28, Spot Translator: Kyo, Timers: naive_nostalgia & NikieNana, Editor: lil_aqua_chic, QC: malaymeetschinese, Typeset/Encoding: Resie

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