Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lucky Brand Refrigerator - Life Story

Lucky Brand Refrigerator
Ever since she was little, the refrigerator has been Xiao Jie's favorite thing, because her mother once told her refrigerators have a special kind of magic. Once something is put into it, it will not spoil. Now, Xiao Jie is a struggling screenwriter. Across the hall lives Bo Bo, a poor magician who really loves milk. When Bo Bo's girlfriend dumps him and takes the refrigerator with her, Xiao Jie makes him a deal. They will share her refrigerator and its expenses. This way Xiao Jie can afford her beloved refrigerator and Bo Bo can have his ice cold milk. As their odd relationship grows the one question that remains is, can this tiny refrigerator keep their love from going sour?


Translation: Tweedy & Debbie, Spot Translation: Debbie & Tweedy, Song Translation: ethidda, Timing: Resie, Editing: Puppet Princess & Tweedy, QC: Puppet Princess, Typesetting & Encoding: Resie


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