Sunday, October 2, 2011

SubbeDrama Blog

Today we would like to officially announce the opening of a companion blog to DoReMii.

The idea of this blog is for us to share dramas we happen to have but have not subbed. What this means is... these are dramas that we have purchased for our own enjoyment in Chinatown and online, or have downloaded on some obscure website. These dramas came with ENGLISH SUBTITLES, but are not bootlegs, fansubs or western region DVDs. Most of our DVDs come from Malaysia, Hong Kong, or China with subtitles and are posted (mostly) as-is. We occasionally may choose to do minor editing and typesetting, but the subtitles are usually perfectly coherent from the source.

So far we have begun to rip and upload these awesome dramas:
  • Lucky Days (Taiwan)
  • The Mysteries of Love (Hong Kong)
  • The Fierce Wife (Taiwan)
  • Roseate-Love (Taiwan)
  • Justice for Love (Taiwan)
Note: Yes, this is why we chose to drop the projects Lucky Days and Roseate-Love. Why waste our time subbing dramas that already have subs we can share?


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