Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Happy Sunshine New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!
We thought we would honor the new year by sending out the old and bringing in the new.

Out with the old:
Sunshine Heartbeat is now complete!
You can get the last four episodes now.
Fun in Australia for the international competition!
Torrent - DA

In with the new:
We would like to formally introduce everyone to our first new dramas of the new year and welcome new staff applications to help us sub these shows and all our others.

Dark Fragrance is a 33 episode drama staring two of Puppet's favorite actors, the irresistibly delicious Huang Xiao Ming and the sweet, lovable Wang Luo Dan.
Huang Xiao Ming plays dual roles in this epic tale of the dark cruelty in love and family. First as the young Cheng Da, then as his great grandson Cheng Yuan. The story starts at the turn of the century and quickly tells the story of how Cheng Da transformed from a poor orphan into a wealthy heartless man of power.

Decades later the story centers around Cheng Yuan, the fourth generation heir to the rich and powerful Cheng family. After "studying" abroad in the United States, Yuan is on his way back home to attend his father's funeral and to make plans for his own marriage, when he meets a couple of Chinese travelers. The man, Li Ke Jin, is wrongly arrested for possession of marijuana, and the woman, Wu Yue, pleads with Yuan to save him. Already deep in the chaos and conflicts of his family and the future of their empire following the death of his father, Yuan agrees under some conditions. He will help Wu Yue free Li Ke Jin if she helps him avoid marriage by pretending to be his girlfriend. However, as the two play the happy couple, Wu Yue becomes a target for the feuding family and two things are propelled into danger... their hearts and their lives.

Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year is a 24 episode romantic comedy staring the cute and award winning actress Xue Jia Ning and the always suave Du Chun in one of his rare modern dramas. This adorable and touching romance is told with a unique blend of modern China and ancient tradition.

Jin Ning plays Chu Xiao Xiao, a spunky, wealthy, college student raised by a single mother. Du chun plays Sun Yi Wei, the serious and stubborn son of a prestigious ancestral family. When Xiao Xiao and Yi Wei first meet she beats him up over a misunderstanding. Needless to say, it was hate at first sight. However, when her family goes bankrupt and her mother goes missing, Xiao Xiao is forced to find a job to pay off creditors; while Yi Wei is now over 30 years old and his family is starting to pressure him to get married by sending him off to matchmaking sessions.

To stop his family's meddling, Yi Wei lies and tells them he already has a girlfriend. Thrilled, they demand he bring her home for Chinese New Year. So, Yi Wei needs to find a girlfriend, and fast. He puts out a personal ad online to rent a girlfriend. To his surprise, it is Xiao Xiao who responds to the ad. The pair make a contract and become fake lovers for two weeks of New Year celebrations. But can the couple who can't stop bickering really convince his family they are in love? Or will playing house finally heal Yi Wei's broken heart?

DoReMii Open Recruitment
-For all projects, current and future.
-All positions open: translators/spot translators, timers, editors, and QCers.
Email the following application to doremiifansubs @ gmail . com with the subject line, "Staff."

Language proficiency level: (translators only. How many years studied, fluent?, ect.)
Can you read Chinese/Japanese: (translators only)
Experience: (Yes/No - If yes please give details.)
Which DoReMii projects are you interested in working on:
Why do you want to be part of DoReMii?:


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I am SO excited about your new projects!! :D You guys are the best, thank you as always for your fantastic subs!! :D Have a great 2011~

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