Saturday, December 4, 2010

Admin Post

As you have all noticed lately we haven't been releasing as many projects. This is due to it being the end of the year, and the school study season so many of our members are busy with exams and such. Alot of you should know how this feels >.<

Please have patience! Even though things are slow we are trying our best to release what we can.

For those of you waiting for DWL particulary, have patience! You guys want it finished right? We want to finish it even more than you do!

Also for those of you who have been asking for direct downloads, don't. We will post them when we are ready to. You ask, we'll probably delay. Asking for or demading new episodes of a series isn't very helpful either, it only serves to makes us cranky and unhappy.

We are recruiting, so if you are interested in joining as a translator, spot translator, editor or timer check out the recruitment bar on the far left below the slider.


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I hope you can resolve your free time "problems" soon and with good results ;D
I'm watching Shigeshoshi, a projesct of yours in hiatus for a lot of time, and I hope to see it again soon. I love that drama, and episodes are short. I'll pray for releases! Thank you and have a good studying and holidays!!! <3

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