Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Translator Recruitment

Our regular staff clean up has lead to some open positions in the translator department.
*Please note: If you are a staff member and think you got "cleansed" on accident please email us to mend the situation.*

So we are in need of Chinese to English translators to help with current and upcoming projects.
If you would like to help please fill out this application and email it to
Language proficiency level: (translators only. How many years studied, fluent?, ect.)
Can you read Chinese/Japanese: (translators only)
Experience: (Yes/No - If yes please give details.)
What dramas are you wanting to work on:
Why do you want to be part of DoReMii?:

Current Projects in Need of Translators
angel lover

hard persimmon


Japanese Project in Need of C-sub translators
ai nante irane yo natsu

Guren Onna

Here is Greenwood

Upcoming Projects in Need of Translators

A house is not a home until someone makes it one. Gao Ling (Esther Liu) was deeply attached to her childhood home and refused to sell it despite the crushing mortgage payments. Mean while, Yuan Hao (Eddie Peng) couldn't wait to run away from his even though his family owns a housing development company. As for Feng Shang Ning (Lee Wei), he never had one, and therefore didn't know how to design a house that people can call home. Gao Ling first met them in rather awkward situations, the first she pestered for money, the latter she tried to scam. However, one of them would be the father of her child, her heartbreaking first love. The other, she would become his saving grace.

My Prince stars My Hero contestants and is about a mother who wants her four sons to marry rich girls. Eldest son Zhi Kai (Zhong Kai) is a hard working business man who supports his family, second son Zhi Wen (Deeven) is an irresponsible and flirtatious model, third son Zhi Chen (Zhang Xiao Chen) is a quiet bartender, and youngest son Zhi Xiao (Song Xiao Bo), much like Xiao Bo in real life, has been both deaf and mute since he was an infant, however, has a cheerful and innocent personality that makes his brothers protective of him. Also staring Jarvis Wu and Chen Ze Yu.

Staring Rachel Liang, Tender Huang, Denny Huang and Tiffany Xu.
After the death of her boyfriend, a musician, Rachel Liang's character strives to fulfill his dream of becoming a famous singer.

We will also be subbing Down With Love, as you can see on our upcoming projects page. However, we will not be recruiting anyone for this drama until it airs, since that is a ways off.


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I'm really looking forward to the concerto! thanx for subbing :D

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