Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Recruitment - Spot Translators, Translators & Freelancers Needed!

We are looking for Translators & Spot Translators to join our team!

We are quite down on the amount of translators & spot translators available at the moment.

Amour et Patisserie in particular needs Spot Translators as we have several episodes translated but no one available to spot translate.

If you do not have as much time you can also apply to be a Freelancer and help out when you are available, even if it's just a single episode.

Here are our current projects:
Amour et Patisserie (tw) Spot Translators Needed
Dark Fragrance (ch) Translators & Spot Translators Needed
Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year (ch) Translators & Spot Translators Needed
Who's the One (tw) Translators & Spot Translators Needed

To join our group please head to our Recruitment Page where you'll find all the information you'll need and our recruitment form which you'll need to fill out.


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