Saturday, August 10, 2013

Recruiting Timers x2

We are a bit short on timers at the moment so we are recruiting for two timers to join our team.

You must be able to a) time to csubs using aegisub and b) be able to use videosubfinder.

We pre-time all our files so using these two programs is a must. We'll give you a short test to to see how your csub timing skills are with aegisub and you'll be shown how to use VSF. Using VSF cuts down on the amount of time you spend timing.

We have just recently taken on Amour et Patisserie as a project and need some extra timers to help with this project as well as our other projects.

Please fill out our recruitment form if you would like to join us :)

Recruitment Form

Only genuinely interested timers need apply.

Note: we have decided to drop Blissful Dandelion as a project due to lack of interest from translators and decided to do Amour et Patisserie instead.


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