Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Freelance Translators / Translators needed!

Just popping in to say we are still looking for some more translators to either join our team or to Freelance with us in their spare time.

We are predominately looking for Chinese Translators but we would also welcome Japanese translators to help us finish Ai Nante and Guren Onna.

We are working on having pre-timed files ready for every series we subtitle in order to be more helpful to the translation process. We have a few episodes ready and pre-timed now for a few series. If you don't know how to translate using pre-timed files, we have a tutorial to help you.

Go to our Recruitment page or the Freelance page for more information.

The sooner we get through these older projects of ours, the sooner we can move onto some new, different and exciting projects!!

Help us save Traditional Fansubbing!

Pass this around on twitter or whatever! Help us!


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