Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Who's the One Project

我的完美男人 / Wo De Wan Mei Nan Ren / Who's the One 

Shen Ruo Wei is a top plastic surgeon who helps a fat man, Yan Tie Nan win back his runaway bride. With a killer exercise regiment, plastic surgery and unwavering determination, she transforms him into a gorgeous looking man. 

Tian Xin as Shen Ruo Wei
Leroy Young as Yan Tie Nan
Pink Yang as Pan Qian Qian
Johnny Lu as Yang Kai Zhong
Xiu Qin as Peggy
Xiang Ying as Linda
Serina Liu as Li Dai Xi
Nie Yun as Zhao Da Jun
Ivy Fan as Fei Na
Gao Qun as Pan Chun Zhang
Ye Min Zhi as Guo Bu Zhang
Guo Shi Lun as Tony
Li Jia Wen as John
An Di as Niu Shi Bo
Tang Guo Zhong as Niu Jian Ren
Amanda Zhou as A Zhui

Project Status

Note: We are subtitling the 20 episode HD version not the 13 episode version.

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looks really interesting, thanks a lot for subbing uploading, specially for taking so much time and sharing with us. love this siteeeeeeee!! thank you!!!

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