Friday, September 2, 2011

Show your love, Donate!

After four and a half years DoReMii is offering our viewers the chance to contribute to our work by helping us reduce some of the costs we incur in the process of bringing you all free subtitles. Profiting from fansubbing has always been an ethical no-no that DoReMii has always been firmly against, so we have decided to be very transparent and clear about how all donations will be used.

First off, nothing changes for you, the viewer. Donations are strictly voluntary. There is no punishment for not donating and there are no premium features if you do donate. Everything is as it always has been: free and public. Donations of any size are welcome, once or as many times as you wish.

We have always had, and will remain to have a free public blog and free DDL accounts. We feel that our own domain and webspace or a premium megaupload account are just pointless and trivial wastes of money. Blogger has always worked for us and Google has no issues in helping people find our blog. Also, no staff member will collect, keep, or be "paid" with the donations. All donations will be kept in DoReMii's paypal account until used and will only be used for the following purposes.

1) Assisting in the cost of purchasing DVDs for RAWs.
DoReMii has always prided itself on using the best quality videos we can find. Over the years we have gotten pretty good at finding RAWs for almost anything. However, some shows are just impossible to find outside of the DVD store. Sometimes only part of a series is ever uploaded online. Sometimes the quality is inconsistent or just consistently awful. In these cases we have had to purchase DVDs to create our own high quality RAWs. With DVD sets costing between $20 and $80 and many series being sold in volumes... well, you can imagine the sort of expense that builds up with 10 volumes of K.O.3anguo.

2) Funding our online seedbox.
An online seedbox allows us to upload files to seed torrents for us. This helps the initial seed go much faster and makes it much easier for us to reseed files. The larger and more expensive the box the more files we can store and seed at one time.

3) Supporting meaningful causes
Every year during the holidays we will give 50% of all donations in DoReMii's account to a charity or research foundation. We will take suggestions and conduct a vote so all of you can help decide what organization deserves to receive the gift.

Thank you everyone for your support, whether you show it with donations or just plain love and appreciation for what we do.

Just to give an update, thank you so much to all our donors so far. You guys are wonderful angels. What we have received thus far has gone towards keeping our seedbox up and running.

Again thank you all for your kind generosity.

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