Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hayate the Combat Butler episode 13 FINAL + MVs

Well, here it is. Another finished project within the same week.

Again we must say goodbye to our beloved Wu Hu Jiang guys :(
This time for well... awhile till perhaps they do another drama together again.

A huuuge thanks to all the staff who worked on this project. You guys were amazing.

Now without further ado...

torrent || d-addicts

Translation: knytvsprncss, Thomas
Spot Translation: Thomas, knytvsprncss
Timing: deedee
Editing: usaheaven
QC/Encoding: Resie

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2. DoReMii members will be uploading our releases to jdramas lj.
3. Please let us know ( if you'd like to share links of our Fansubs on other websites before posting them and credit us and link back to our blog at
4. Wait 72 hours/3 days after release before posting those links.
5. Please don't upload your own encodings or edits of our fansubs.


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Thanks for this, u guys are amazing :)

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