Friday, September 9, 2011

Dark Fragrance Episodes 01-03

Woo~ First three episodes of Dark Fragrance are finally here!
I like to think of this part of the story as a stand alone movie. This is the tragic story of Cheng Da's life and death. The story of how the Cheng family legend began.

Plus, a little taste of the main story line with the introduction of the snarky spoiled Cheng Yuan and sweet adorable Wu Yue.

Disclamer: This is not a period drama. It is a modern drama that takes place in the 21st century. The first two and a half episodes are the only portion of the drama that take place in 1900. Twenty minutes into the third episode the story begins again in 2005 and moves forward. Do not let the costume drama beginning scare you off. The personality of the drama changes dramatically when the era changes.

Torrent - DA

Synopsis: Huang Xiao Ming plays dual roles in this drama as both the young Cheng Da as well as his great grandson Cheng Yuan. The story starts at the turn of the century and quickly tells the story of how Cheng Da transformed from a poor orphan into a wealthy heartless man of power.

Decades later the story centers around Cheng Yuan, the fourth generation heir to the rich and powerful Cheng family based in Southeast Asia. After pursuing studies in the United States, Yuan is on his way back home to attend his father's funeral and to make plans for his own marriage, when he meets a couple of Chinese travelers. The man, Li Ke Jin, is wrongly arrested for possession of marijuana, and the woman, Wu Yue, pleads with Yuan to save him. Already deep in the chaos and conflicts of his family and the future of their empire following the death of his father, Yuan agrees under some conditions. He will help Wu Yue free Li Ke Jin if she helps him avoid marriage by pretending to be his girlfriend. However, as the two play the happy couple, Wu Yue becomes a target for the feuding family and two things are propelled into danger... their hearts and their lives.


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Thank you so much! This looks really interesting, I love this type of stories.

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