Thursday, June 2, 2011

Four Gifts Project

女王不下班 / Nu Wang Bu Xia Ban / Four Gifts

There are four daughters in the Zhang family. When their mother passed away, she left four valuable gifts for each of her beloved daughters respectively; a scarf, a mirror, a suitcase and a pen. 

Ruo Tian, the eldest daughter is a young and outstanding prosecutor, but a workaholic. She received the scarf. 

Ruo Wei, the second daughter becomes the deputy editor of a fashion magazine at the age of 27. She is a best-selling author and fusionist. Her gift is the mirror. 

The third daughter, Ruo Yi is kind, loving and takes care of the family. She handles projects in a public relations company. The suitcase is her gift. 

Ruo Yu, the youngest daughter is a philosophy student at university. She is quite different from her older sisters. She is more like an alien kid who has lost her way on earth and was given the pen.

In fact, four daughters do not know the meaning behind their mother's gifts. Their father has always told them, the meaning behind the gifts will be revealed when they have found their happiness.

However, what is true happiness? 

Lee Kang Yi as Zhang Ruo Tian
Cynthia Wang as Zhang Ruo Wei
Jozie Lu as Zhang Ruo Yi
Suki Low as Zhang Ruo Yu
Xiu Jie Kai as Tong Jia Liang
Nicholas Teo as Ren Shao Ting
Nylon Chen as Josh
Andrew Tan as Li Yu Xiang 
Tao Chuan Zheng as Zhang Xian 
Johnny Lu as Lin Sheng Jie
Lene Lai as Que Zhu Er 

Special Guest:
Blue Lan as Wu Tian Liang

Project Status

Note: We are subtitling the 25 episode dvd version not the 15 episode Tv version.

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