Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Star Boulevard Project

星光大道 / Xing Guang Da Dao / Star Boulevard

Star Boulevard is about a group of young university music students striving for their musical dreams, and in the end their dream of performing on stage is realized in Xing Guang Xing Yuan; stepping onto their own star boulevard.

The story starts in the piano workshop, born there is Le Man Yao, who has an unimaginable perfect singing voice. During her childhood, due to a practical joke played on her by Xiao Niu; she became a "stutterer." Xiao Niu, due to a family situation, left home with his mother.


Ruby Lin as Mi Lu
Jordan Chan as Wu Ku
Eric Tsang as Uncle Lu
Huang Yida as Alan (Xiao Niu)
Yang Zi Ting as Man Yao

Lu Jie Jun as Huan Nan
Li Xuan as Hua Xuan

Project Status


Project Mod: Resie
Translation: Crownelle, jinglishpenguin<3, xiaolulu
Spot Translation: galen, Sima-chan, Crownelle
Timing: allen2792, Resie, arcticmoonrise
Editing: Resie
Encoding: Resie

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