Monday, September 6, 2010

Internet Love Letter - Life Story

You might need some tissues for this heart warming story...

This story "Internet Love Letter" is inspired by the real life story "Meng Meng's Internet Diary", bringing out the characters on the internet's unusual side, using drama to show the story. The emptiness and completeness of information over the internet are as if providing a brand new packaging for creativity space. It's like a road in the tragic story of a traditional patient fighting against the illness.

In this drama, the real Meng Meng's personality has been refreshed and her life experiences were made fuller into the main character - Mei Xiang.

As Mei Xiang waits for the results from the health exams, terrified, her husband Ke Zhong is still as quiet and unsocial as always and going on business trips as before. The distance between the husband and wife becomes further and further. And in the show, there is another cancer patient internet-sufer's story: Yun Er (Cloud) and Ye Lang (Wild Wolf). These two are her internet friends who have never met with Xiang Xiang or talked on the phone with her. They met and got to know each other got over the internet, supporting each other at their most brittle and maintaining their human pride.

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Thank you so much!! REALLY excited to watch this!! Looking forward to new eps of Down With Love!! Thanks again!! :D

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