Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Legend of the Heavenly Stones Episodes 36-40 COMPLETE!

Who's on fire? We are!
So many projects getting wrapped up~ And a finished project is one of the best feelings there is. lol So on that note... I bring you the FINAL BATCH of Legend of the Heavenly Stones!!

OMG it's really over. I'm actually so sad now. I looooved this show. It was cheesy and low-budget but epic, kick-ass, and had so many twists. At one point, I had a running tally of how many deaths occurred (key characters and henchmen!), but that kind of fell apart when they destroyed a whole village... so lets just say it's in the hundreds. lol

No more Heavenly Stones also means no more Ye Ming. *gasp* Just what will Resie do? She will be forced to get her Deeven fill in our other three projects featuring less *awesome* Deeven characters I guess. lol (Love you Resie :P)

Anyway... With X's identity being revealed in the previous batch, things start to get intense in this final batch as shocking motives are revealed and our heroes are faced with some tough dilemmas. What is right and wrong? How far would you go to get the one thing you want most? The twists and surprises just keep on coming till the very last second. On a slightly related note: Zhu Ge is a creepy creeper... seriously... WTF is wrong with you man? Evil is one thing... but disturbing is a whole separate issue for you.

I want to give some extra special love and thanks to this project's obsessed dedicated staff. ethidda, Crownelle, and Resie... you are all insane and I love you for that. TeddayBear you are my superhero, coming to my rescue just when I need you most. Thank you to everyone who worked hard on making this awesome project possible.

Sick of me rambling yet?

Torrent - DA


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