Monday, February 15, 2010

Armor Hero Episode Titles

Some people have asked for them, so here they are. Not all exactly match up to the terms we have used for various reasons.

1. Invasion of Supernatural Beasts
2. Appearance of Fire Dragon Hero
3. Grasshopper Beast that escaped
4. Mystery behind the disappearance of the horse
5. The strange god-like old man
6. Dong Shan: I'm Wind Eagle Hero
7. The newborn Devilish Bull Beast
8. Sealing the Ant Beast
9. Secrets of the successor of Light and Shadow Village
10. Go, Black Rhinoceros Hero part 1
11. Go, Black Rhinoceros Hero part 2
12. Furious battle against Evil Wolf Beast part 1
13. Furious battle against Evil Wolf Beast part 2
14. Rebirth of Earth Stone
15. The lost Earth Stone
16. The Search for Earth Tiger Hero
17. Appearance of Earth Tiger Hero
18. Ambush attack of Jellyfish Beast
19. The Killing order of Realm King
20. Realm King's secret
21. Battle, Armor Heroes
22. The terrifying base of Shadow Realm
23. Realm King's trap
24. Distortion of the Satellite's password
25. Satellite that was being controlled
26. Attack into the Village of Light and Shadow
27. The Ultimate Earth
28. Legend of Light and Shadow Village
29. The fifth Armor Hero
30. Realm King's conspiracy
31. Electromagnetic Storm
32. Battle in the theme park
33. Five Properties gathered
34. Destroy, Realm King's old base!
35. Four Dieties of Evil
36. Counterattack of the Evils
37. New Fire Dragon Hero
38. Five Protectors of Evils
39. The Betrayal of Xi Zao
40. Kung Zhong's instructions
41. Investigation of the Fire Case
42. Battle of Revenge
43. Orphanage director's letter
44. Battle for the right to summon Armor/ Battle for Rights
45. Armor Heroes's second team/backup team
46. Battle for Royal Emperor Hero
47. Investigation on the summoner of Royal Emperor Hero
48. The end of the protectors of Evils
49. Mastermind behind the Evils appeared
50. Tough battle! Four Greatest Evil Beast Vs Royal Emperor Hero
51. The final battle
52. Real story unveiled

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