Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3rd Birthday Grand Finale: Jam Hsiao - First Live Concert

This is it! The cherry on DoReMii's birthday sundae.
But... before we get to the goodies...
We--the collective we that sometimes means DoReMii FS and most often means Resie and Puppet (fearless leaders and Wonder Twins)--want to express how amazed we are by our staff. While many of you may have come and gone throughout this past year, you are what make us three years strong. Your dedication and determination sometimes just blows us away. This past month is a shining example of just how awesome you all really are. We are so proud of all the magic you have made happen all year long and look forward to another legendary year to come.
谢谢你们。 祝我们生日快乐。 恭喜!!!

The year's data run-down:
TWdrama eps: 103
Cdrama eps:56
HKdrama eps: 7
Jdrama eps: 9
Drama BTS: 1
Trailers: 2
MVs/offshots/BTS: 8
Concerts: 1
Movies: 1

Okay, enough of the mushy and technical. On to the goodies.
The fantastic conclusion to our birthday bash is Jam Hsiao's first live concert featuring special guest performances by Vivian Hsu and Khalil Fong!

Not sure who Jam Hsiao is? Download the concert anyway... You know who he is even if you think you don't. Jam Hsiao was that adorably dorky little guest star in Fated to Love You who played the veterinarian and as a movie star in Momo Love. When he's not moonlighting in idol dramas, Jam is a powerhouse rock star. This is a fantastic performance and Jam will be sure to rock you and maybe make you cry.

Jam Hsiao - First Live Concert
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6

And as an added little pile of goodies... Jam Hsiao Album collection~

Self-Titled Debut Album - 16 June 2008
1. Collection (收藏)
2. The Prince’s New Clothes (王子的新衣)
3. Forgive Me (原諒我)
4. Daring Regardless of Self (奮不顧身)
5. Loving Dearly (疼愛)
6. Wishing You Were Here (多希望你在)
7. Alive (活著)
8. Existence For A Lifetime (一輩子存在)
9. I’m Crying (我在哭)
10. Blues
11. Bonus track:Romance of Alocasia (海芋戀)

Princess - July 17th,2009
1. Princess (王妃)
2. Don't Know How to Love (我不會愛)
3. A-Fei's Little Butterfly (阿飛的小蝴蝶)
4. Believers (善男信女)
5. Say a lil something
6. Love Games (愛遊戲)
7. Not A Boy, Not Yet A Man (小男人大男孩)
8. Stone That Knows Pain (會痛的石頭)
9. Loving You Too Deeply (愛過了頭)
10. Green Door
11. To My Beloved (給愛人)
12. Lonesome for You (寂寞還是你

Love Moments - November 13, 2009
1. The Very Last Blossom (開到荼蘼)
2. New Endless Love (新不了情)
3. If I Don't Have You (如果沒有你)
4. A Dream (夢一場)
5. The Silent Flower (無言花)
6. What I Miss Most (我懷念的)
7. Remembrance(記念)
8. To Write A Song (寫一首歌)
9. Remember (記得)
10. Rewind (倒帶)


Konno said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I just recently fell in love with him, actually. It was such a pleasant surprise to come here and see this. Thank you! ^__^

psychotic raz said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

all i can say is, wow! i was absent from the internet for a single day and there are a lot of updates already! cool! very cool! gong xi DoReMii! =)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Awesome!!! I love him!!! Thank You!!!

laketica said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

your comments have me sold! i've never heard him sing, but i remember him from Fated to Love You and i'm going to d/l it to see. =) thank youuuu!!!

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