Thursday, August 20, 2009

Legend of the Heavenly Stones Episodes 16-20

Half way there! And what a way to end the first half of the show~

Is the Professor a traitor?
Is this the painful end to Tie Xiong life?
*gasp* Oh noes!


I have to say, this batch really shows one of my favorite things about this show.
While the story is fantastical and tests the limits of your imagination. The relationships in Heavenly Stones are so realistic and natural that it keeps the story grounded.

Anyone who has seen a few Asian dramas from any country would know how frustrating the romantic relationships can be. They seem awkward and uncomfortable. The lovers hardly look at each other, let alone touch each other. However, Heavenly Stones displays affection much more naturally. Whether it's flash backs of Shen Cong and Ling Ling or present day Tie Xiong and Zhen Zhen, their affection for each other is portrayed well in the flirtatious looks and smiles they give, the playful teasing, the way they touch, hold each other, and even kiss. This is a rare style for dramas. In fact the only other Chinese show I can think of right now that is so open and physical in the love department is "I Want to Become a Hard Persimmon."


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