Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ai Cao - Life Stories

That right! We are back with another story from the huge amount of Life Stories.

This one is very realistic and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I hope you all do too.

Short Synopsis:
In several decades, Taiwan transformed from a homogeneous group of people to a diverse, international culture. The traditional values of the past generation counter against the next generation's extreme individuality. To many families, they are dealing with the clash of values of this era. Ai Cao's is the biggest turning point in this generation. Facing choices and acceptances, only being open to half of the ideas is illogical. Does every mother--and every person--face the restrictions of her own life? And how can one face them bravely?

The cast includes Lili Pan, Mo Zi Yi and Tang Zhen Gang (who we all know from Queen's & Extreme Ironing).

(Contains a little BL also)




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