Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's MV Batch

Since it's Valentine's Day what better then love songs... that end in heartache?
A collection of sad love song MVs that end in break-ups (so don't go rooting for the MV actors too much because you are bound to be disappointed.)


[DoReMii] Genie Zhuo - A Sentence.mp4 [49.84MiB]

[DoReMii] Mayday - I Suddenly Miss You So Much.mp4 [49.98MiB]

[DoReMii] JJ Lin - Drunk at Red Cliff.mp4 [49.98MiB]

A note for the JJ MV. The song and MV are about the famous Battle of Red Cliff and the general is meant to be the infamous warlord Cao Cao. In the Battle of Red Cliff Cao Cao lost to the allied southern forces of Liu Bei and Sun Quan in his effort to to to conquer the land south of the Yangtze River and reunite the territory of the Eastern Han Dynasty. More info at Wiki.


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thank you genie zhou is such a gud singer... thanks you XD

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