Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Graduate Project

the graduate
The Graduate / Bi Ye Sheng
Story One - Lonely Game

Two friends leave home in search of their dreams. They lose contact but find each other again, only to find that secrets kept will cause an even greater loss...
Story Two - Black Summer
Ah Zhe was an obedient son and a good student. He pushed as hard as he could on his exams because he knew once they were over it was summer vacation and he could finally relax... but this summer isn't what he was expecting. His cousin and his friends pull him into an upside-down world of reckless youths, drugs, and gangs. Can Ah Zhe survive this world and make it out alive...?
Story Three - Fortunately We're All Still Here
This is the story of two youths who want to be heroes. On their birthday they make a wish. This wish is just the beginning of what was to come...
Story Four - Mimi's Wandering Mind
Mimi tells her story through a series of flashbacks, of how she ran away from home because of a violent father and of how she fell into prostitution to make money to survive.
Story Five - Waves of Nature
What would you do to fit in with the other girls at school? This is the story of Zhang Ya Hui who is the new girl in school. She makes friends with the most unpopular girl in class Huang Yi Ting. To fit in with the other girls in the class, Ya Hui betrays this friendship by helping the class bully in humiliating Yi Ting...

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