Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Concerto Project

The Concerto / Xie Zou Qu
A house is not a home until someone makes it one. Gao Ling was deeply attached to her childhood home and refused to sell it despite the crushing mortgage payments. Mean while, Yuan Hao couldn't wait to run away from his even though his family owns a housing development company. As for Feng Shang Ning, he never had one, and therefore didn't know how to design a house where people can call home. Gao Ling first met them in rather awkward situations, the first she pestered for money, the latter she tried to scam. However, one of them would be the father of her child, her heartbreaking first love. The other, she would become his saving grace.

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Episode 01 - Translator: Crownelle, Spot Translator: Tweedyy, Timer: usagizZz, Editor: usaheaven, QC: Resie, Final Check + Encoder: Puppet Princess

Episode 02 - Translator: TeddayBear, Spot Translator: >:.wendeli.:<, Timer: usagizzz, Editor: usaheaven, QC: zhenna, Final Check + Encoder: Puppet Princess

Episode 03 - Translator: Crownelle, Spot Translator: TeddayBear, Timer: usagizZz, Editor: naive_nostalgia, QC: zhenna, Final Check + Encoder: Puppet Princess

Episode 04 - Translator: 2xSmile, Spot Translator: TeddayBear, Timer: quirrrky, Editor: Resie, QC: Resie, Final Check + Encoder: Puppet Princess

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