Thursday, March 13, 2008

Boxing Gloves, Rag Dolls - Life Story

Boxing Gloves, Rag Dolls
"This guy is such a girl..."
"How come that girl is such a man...?"
With society becoming more accepting, youth's ideas of genders are also becoming more and more open. But "gender openness" doesn't mean "gender acceptance"s openness. "Girly boy" and "man-woman" are still considered "abnormal", "to be improved", or "to be rejected" by the youth of today. "Boxing Gloves, Rag Dolls" follows this topic and plans to discuss the problem of youth facing gender acceptance.

This is the story of highschoolers Xia Fang Wei and Lu Qi Hong. Xiao Xia's family owns a boxing hall and she feels that she is not girly enough and has a bad temper. Lu Qi Hong lives with his father, a barber and can do all sorts of girly type things such as making dolls and is gentle. He wants to become more like a man. What will happen when the queen boxer and the sissy guy team up to help each other?


Translation: TeddayBear Spot Translation: gurlzrule Timers: deedee & Resie Editor: Rainie_Karen QC/Typeset/Encoding: Resie

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